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Transition Period December 16, 2008

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It’s finals week at Michigan Tech. This means most folks in NBCore are studying/stressing/testing/drinking. Afterwards, we have a period where folks disconnect and pack their computers, move back home, and then reconnect their computers to potentially slower internet connections. Also, the holidays are upon us, which means we are scattered to the four corners of the state, constantly roaming from party to party, nervously talking to relatives we cannot remember the names of (or is that just me?).

But this time is also a vacation, free (mostly) of work and studies. So we should be able to find a few erratic times to get together and run some missions and PvP.


Northern Alliance December 9, 2008

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The Northern Alliance has been formed! This was one of the action items in our charter and we are glad to announce that the Northern Brethren and Northern Brethren Core are now allied. The formation of the alliance happened last night.

Session Results: December 8, 2008 December 9, 2008

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We didn’t actually play as much as observe the changes to the PvP metagame. It seems like a lot of old builds are still viable, with slight modifications.

I was able to farm Zaishen Elite sucessfully with my Dethsplosion build, along with a basic healer, a distracting ranger, and a WE warrior. I didn’t think I had enough DPS with that, but got pretty good results.

Due to end-of-semester project aggro, we lost Didur for the session.

Next game session is tentatively planned for tomorrow, December 10, 2008 at anywhere between 5pm and 7pm and will last a couple of hours.

First In-Game Session: Monday Dec. 8, 7pm December 8, 2008

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We will be playing tomorrow, Monday, December 8 at 7pm

Te native goals:

  • Help Didur through final Nightfall mission
  • Status check on our Factions progress. Progress from common mission starting point
  • Quick team arenas?
  • Zaishen Elite PvP?

Template Page is Up December 3, 2008

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The template page has been put up. Crude and lackluster as of yet, but a great boon to those who need skill templates.

If you have any templates you want posted, let me know. I will be updating the skill and equipment template packs as people submit them.

You can see a list of pages on the right sidebar. You can find the Guild Battle History (my favorite) here as well. Member rosters and other such pages are in the works.

Northern Brethren Core is Established! December 1, 2008

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Northern Brethren Core has been established. In an effort to return to the roots and identity of Northern Brethren, Northern Brethren Core was set up this evening by Lackey, Robert and Didur. The reasons for the split are as follows:

  • We no longer felt as though our core identity was shown in Northern Brethren. The guild leader for NBO has full control of the direction of the original guild.
  • A fresh start provides motivation. This is a new page in our guild’s history, one that comes after much inactivity. This new guild is a symbolic commitment to returning to the game and our Guild Wars roots
  • A fresh start allows for new direction. We can turn this guild in to what we want it to be.

While it is true that the old guild would have allowed us to start anew, we felt it was time for a change to kick us in to gear.

What lies in store:

  1. An alliance between Northern Brethren Original and Northern Brethren Core needs to be formed.
  2. Guild goals and guidelines need to be discussed and formed.
  3. A full status check of all of our characters, skills and equipment needs to happen.
  4. Joint efforts between NBO and NBC should be arranged. We are still the same blood, now in different lines.

All those who were original members of NB (Beta Weekend members) will be officers. Any NBO active member may join if they so choose.

Forum post pertaining to this action can be found in the Guild News section here.

A New Start November 26, 2008

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Logged in to Guild Wars today for the first time in a good six months. I realized the guild is essentially inactive. I realized, or more rightly said; remembered, that casual PVP is what makes the game a ton of fun (seeing as there’s not much armor/weapon variation out there, and the top top stuff is life-wastingly expensive), and it still is just as good today as it was when we first started.

My proposal:

  1. Reform NB to be NB Core. Basically, just a small group of us (Bakke, Didur, Sean, Robert, Nasty, Jill and I, and maybe a few others)
  2. We start playing on a regular schedule. Say, Wednesday nights from 7-9pm or something like that that we agree on.
  3. We refocus on just casual PvP and fun PvE runs. One night we do Team Arena, next we do all the Crystal Desert missions w/bonuses, etc.
  4. Establish a guild bank/armory system so that no member goes poor

We start soon. Join us!